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3 Weeks In.....


Mary FC

What Was Said?

‘Mary looked at older bro Warrens winning team from last year and thought yes, that’s what I’ll do.’

‘Mary set his stool out early, go big on attack or go home’.

‘Hames is a bold choice’

‘In fact could have the best XI in the game this season.’

Were We Right?

Emphatically and annoyingly yes we were. Mary is really the stand out in these first few opening games before the international break. Don’t be deceived by the table, the only reason Mary isn’t top is because Rudi hasn’t played the Machine yet and Mary has. 2 wins but 213 pts scored (that’s 48 more than Rudi already) and sits with a GD of 63 having been dumped on by das Machine too. Everything has been clicking at the moment and he sits atop the winners section hoping his form continues after the break.

Predicted Best XI - Areola, Dias, Reguilon, Rudiger, Salah, Pogba, Torres, Zaha, Ings, Wilson, Antonio

Actual Best XI – Meslier (9), Dias (30), Reguilon (28), Rudiger (19), Christensen (21), Salah (33), Pogba (26), Torres (26), Ings (27), Wilson (17), Antonio (56)


Das Machine

What Was Said?

‘Oh this will be fun and an interesting way to fix the gap in the players this year’

Were We Right?

No. It’s not fun, it’s fucking stupid and we’re all getting a fisting. Great stuff.

Best XI – Guaita, Laporte, Jansson, Duffy, Sanchez, Dier, Rico, El Ghazi, Doucoure, Bissouma, Dennis


AC Barella

What We Said?

‘This shit is underwhelming’

‘but 1st pick should be the squad you look at and think fuck, he’s nailed on from the top 4 and this squad just doesn’t give me that confidence.’

‘picking 1st this year should have been unfuckwithable but instead it seems it really opened the door for 2nd and 3rd to enjoy a better pick selection.’

Were We Right?

Yes…….sort of…ish. 3 Games, 3 wins, 165pts scored and +54 goal difference (111 against though.) This is the only 3 from 3 team and no one has come close to taking the 3 from the boys at AC B. The prediction this team would get top 4 easy still rings true and we are yet to see how well the squad works but no complaints so far from pick number 1. The last statement is where it all falls apart though as those 2 guys behind 1st pick have been fucking dreadful so far but more on that soon.

Predicted Best XI – Leno, VVD, Cancelo, Azpil, JWP, Gundogan, Bruno, Maddison, Soucek, DCL, Bamford

Actual Best XI – Leno (6), VVD (21), Cancelo (20), Azpil (20), Tanganga (22), JWP (14), Gundogan (15), Bruno (24), DCL (30), Maupay (19), Bamford (18)


Whoopi's Wanderers

What Was Said?

‘Now this feels familiar and last year I was shown to massively wrong for doubting Warren and his squad building but I’m really unsure about everything that’s been done here.’

‘Trent as a first pick is bold, Auba at second is sort of understandable, Toney at 3 feels earlier’

‘So yeah, this doesn’t feel great’

‘Pukki, Werner, Rice, Fernandinho, Hoijberg’

Were We Right?

Erm….No I guess. I mean I was sort of right to be doubting myself for doubting Warren but 3 games in, 2 wins, a negative GD and 5th place after picking 8th out of 9 is pretty impressive I’d say. I called Trent out as bold…….he has 34pts so far, Auba as second was understandable…..he has 3pts but at least I feel vindicated in Toney being early….he still feels early at 3. I’ve chucked that last statement in so I’m just not wrong the whole time those 5 players have mostly done nuffink. Solid start from Wallen though, I will forever try and second guess this man and forever be wrong. I’m ok with that, the journey is always worth it.

Predicted Best XI – Ederson, Trent, Alonso, Wan-Bissaka, Moura, Harrison, Greenwood, Buendia, Auba, Toney + 1 other.

Actual Best XI – Ederson (20), Trent (34), Alonso (29), Wan-Bissaka (14), Guehi (14), Hoijberg (10), Rice (15), Greenwood (36), Buendia (16), Pukki (13), Toney (12)


VV Brophy FC

What Was Said?

‘Mane, Cavani, Digne, Jimenez, Barnes. This feels a very un-Brophy first 5 picks’

‘Predicting Cavani’s playing time will be tough and that doesn’t usually make a 2nd pick’

‘will Jimenez be the same lad after the head breaking?’

‘Tierney, Romero, Stones, Sarr, Mendy, Benhrama and Gray are all good FFY picks in the eyes of this typer’

‘call me crazy but I’d rate picks 6-10 over 1-5 with the latter picks being much more what I’d expect from Niall’.

Were We Right?

In a way yes, those first 5 unbrophylike picks are not really performing. In fact his top 5 scorers so far are Benhrama (pick 11), Gray (Pick 23), Mings (Pick 13), Mendy (Pick 7) and Pinnock (Pick 16) and so I’m taking that as slight validation for my questioning of his first 5 picks and picking style compared to other seasons. Whilst I’m blowing myself let’s not forget that Niall makes up the last of our winners as 6th pick sits in 4th having won 2 and lost to the machine this past GW. Scored 148 (3rd highest so far) and is on -3 GD which somehow is the 4th highest in the league. That makes no sense. Good start though especially as he’s still waiting for his top 5 picks to kick into gear which is a nice place to be as he can start to feel like he has a squad to rely on rather than a just a first XI.

Predicted Best XI – Mendy, Digne, Tierney, Stones, Romero, Barnes, Sarr, Benhrama, Mane, Jimenez, Cavani

Actual Best XI – Mendy (25), Mitchell (14), Pinnock (25), Mings (30), Barnes (9), Gray (28), Sarr (15), Benhrama (38), Mane (24), Jorginho (11), Jimenez (6)



The League

This year is our 10th season and yet we are somehow playing with 9. Conversations have been had, apologies issued and tears collected but this is sad. Let us learn, move forward, remember what the point of all of this is and never let the fucking machine play again.


The People's Prince FC

What Was Said?

‘Dev was essentially 1st pick in this draft. Let us not forget that.’

‘By the by though he delivered a strong opening quintet. Lukaku, Sancho, Grealish, Watkins and Saka are some solid great picks but all come with a danger warning.’

‘Lukaku will score but will he take time to settle and will the weight of his pricetag hang heavy?’

‘Is Sancho actually any good and how will he adapt to being back in the Prem?’

‘Will Grealish settle into the citeh team and style of play?’

‘Will Watkins see his playing time cut due to big shiny Ings?’

‘Can Saka reach his potential playing in such a shit team?’

‘feels like a very strong starting XI but a few injuries could derail an expected title challenge.’

Were We Right?

Yes….again….shit, getting good at this. That opening quintet looked great on paper but questioned were raised and after 3 games we have some answers. Lukaku – No he scored straight away, Sancho – no he isn’t any good so far, Grealish – settled in just fine, Watkins – Injuries not Ingsuries has kept him out, Saka – no he will never reach his potential at Arsenal. Does seem like that last statement was a crock of shit too, this first XI is absolutely useless and it seems every single pick is intent on derailing this expected title push. 83pts scored is the lowest in the league and he may have conceded the most but he’s also only 1 of 3 to have played the machine so we can’t take that column too seriously until all 9 have had a pop. But 9th place and 0 pts from 3 games for 3rd is not good stuff and we are seeing the very real risk of picking unknown quantities so high, truth be told if he didn’t pick them then 4th probably would have but the fact the 6 players who all picked after him are all ahead of him in the table should worry Dev about his ability to pick a squad.

Predicted Best XI – Lloris, Coufal, Godfrey, T.Silva, Konate, Sancho, Grealish, Saka, Lukaku, Watkins, Iheanacho

Actual Best XI – Lloris (38), Coufal (12), Coady (8), Soyuncu (8), Grealish (23), Klich (20), Grob (20), Gallagher (21), Almiron (8), Lukaku (18), Wood (15)


Atletico Tiny

What We Said?

‘1st picks odd choices allowed Tiny to monster the first 4 picks.’

‘but Wilson, IanNacho, Martial, Wood, Adams, Maupay….were all still available’. Solid start though.

‘Gylfi child fucker Sigurdsson. Dafuq Tiny, really odd choice.’

Were We Right?

To be fair not a lot was said and we were mostly wrong. 1st picks choices don’t seem so odd and Tiny’s monster first 4 picks have been 2 decent point scorers and 2 lads who are yet to do anything of note. Although the Gylfi stuff still rings true. These first 3 games have not been kind to Tiny and I’d be a little worried if I was 2nd pick and currently on 0pts after 3 games and am yet to play the Machine. The FFY yo yo that is Tiny strikes again as you never really know if what he’s done has been impressive or not. He tends to float in the maverick boat as Warren as both come at this game from a slightly different angle to hardcore football supporters that fill most of the other teams and some years it works a treat but it seems this could be one of those other years. Needs Kane more than Spurs do currently.

Predicted Best XI – Alisson, Ogbonna, Mee, Konsa, Sterling, Neto, Pulisic, Fornals, Tielemans, Kane, Jesus

Actual Best XI – Alisson (25), Ogbonna (6), Young (15), Konsa (15), Sterling (15), Trossard (10), Pulisic (8), Fornals (28), Tielemans (19), Jesus (35)



What Was Said?

‘ Vardy, Rashford, Firmino, Foden and Bowen is a very good opening 5 picks from 9th pick.’

‘There is potential for plenty of points’

‘I would say it’s the most solid 9th pick first 5 I’ve seen for a while’

‘I genuinely believe he won’t be 9th come the end of the season’

‘Chris has nailed the latter’

Were We Right?

Probably not but kind of. I went overboard, I admit it. I got giddy with excitement and was maybe looking to add some hope to a miserable place to draft and I still agree with a few of those statements but unfortunately after 3 games Rashford is yet to play, Foden is yet to play, Bowne and Firmino aren’t up to much and Vardy is playing like Vardy. Although he isn’t 9th and in most worlds 9th pick in 8th should be nothing but a win but he’s not won a game yet, had the machine to play and is yet to hit triple figures scored. Still this team isn’t really losers team but unfortunately it’s not a middling team either because it is actually doing badly……it’s just that it’s allowed to do badly. I’m still backing Chris and the team to finish higher than their draft position though.

Predicted Best XI – Pope, Chilwell, Keane, Vestergaard, Rashford, Foden, Bowen, Dallas, McGinn, Vardy, Firmino

Actual Best XI – Pope (10), Tsmikas (29),Keane (10), Matip (20), Onyeka (9), Bowen (8), Dele (23), Dallas (11), McGinn (13), Vardy (21), Firmino (10)


Neither Here nor There

Ed of Clarke CF

What We Said?

‘Arguably my favourite first 5 picks of the draft.’

‘Adding Mahrez, Walker, Pereira to those first 5 sets up a lovely team’

‘A.Armstrong could be an excellent punt’

‘Benteke is shit’

‘Tammy left the country’

‘Still Cantwell has nice hair’

Were We Right?

Well….yeah…still my favourite first 5 picks, Mahrez, Walker and Pereira do set up a lovely team and those last 3 statements are as factual as facts can be. However, we had to invent a side section away from the tradition winners and losers for Ed and one other team mostly as they don’t fit in either category. Ed picked from 5 and sits 6th having won 1 and lost 2 but he’s scored 132 and yes he’s yet to play the Machine but considering he’s currently above 2nd and 3rd pick is it that bad? No. Is it that good? No not at all. What saves him here mainly is winning a game. Still think there’s a lot more to come from this squad but I often get a hard on for Ed’s teams and then things like last year happen so I’ll keep it to myself this year even though I just said it.

Predicted Best XI – Raya, Robertson, Shaw, Walker, Pereira, Son, Havertz, Raphina, Pepe, Bailey, St. Max

Actual Best XI – Raya (23), Dunk (15), Shaw (15), Walker (13), Pereira (14), Son (26), Havertz (14), Raphina (17), Mahrez (18), St Max (16), A.Armstrong (15)



What Was Said?

‘no point contesting for strikers in 7th pick’

‘Maguire, Cresswell, Canos, ESR and adams followed and again I was happy’

‘Olise, Sema, Webster, Bergwijn, Balogun, Chambers…..all pointless players’

‘Traore at 23 could be a steal’

‘overall a team that lacks depth and rests on some regularly injured shoulders’

Were We Right?

A little of column A and a little of column B. I don’t think I was actually happy with those picks but I had to feel something. I was a little hasty with those pointless players as Webster and Bergwijn have both provided points so far, the only thing Traore has stolen is a living…..on the treatment table and yeah I guess the end statement still rings true. Truth be told this is a middling grade because well I’m not allowed to give myself any higher and TSFC haven’t played The Machine yet so their league position in 3rd currently has a star next to it and it’s why Niall who was a pick higher and a place lower is in the winners and this team isn’t. 6 points from 3 isn’t bad at all but I know this manager hasn’t been happy with his XI’s and also the frustrated feeling of being locked into certain players. Don’t get me wrong this is all good for 7th pick but a negative goal difference in 3rd is mental. So far so good though I guess, I’m sure others will have more of a say.

Predicted Best XI - Martinez, Maguire, Cresswell, James, KDB, Mount, Jota, ESR, Townsend, Traore, Richarlison

Actual Best XI – Martinez (9), Maguire (11), Webster (13), Cresswell (16), James (38), Canos (19), Mount (20), Jota (25), Bergwijn (18), Adams (17), Richarlison (16)


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