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Game Round 1 Winners and The Top 3 Draft Picks

Hold the phone we are back BayBay!! All the love to you boys for picking up the slack when it comes to the weekly previews and predictions and I am absolutely loving the video element of them but I know you’ve all been missing this acid tongued little bitch tearing you all new ones. Let us rejoice because I’m back to review 9 weeks of games to see how you’ve been doing, whether you’re flying, dying or just keeping your head above water. First off here’s the League, Head to Head and Form Tables.

Best XI Overall Points

Mendy 45pts Niall

Trent 51pts Warren

Cancelo 51pts Rudi

VVD 47pts Rudi

Rudiger 45pts Niall

Salah 107pts Mary

Son 53 pts Ed

Mane 50pts Niall

Benrahma 50pts Niall

Vardy 57pts Big Man

Antonio 57pts Mary


Das Machine

9 Games, 9 Wins, 4359 pts scored and only using those the 9 players this year thought not good enough for their teams. Remarkable stuff from the new boy.

Mary (1st in League, 4th in Draft)

Here we go again, he’s had a few years off but this is the Mary of old. Jobber squad supported by big boy scorer and boom 7 wins and 2 losses both of which were to ludicrous scores which would have beaten any other team (nearly) in their GW’s so don’t let those 2 losses fool you this squad is legit and has smashed this first GR or has it……? There is an argument that actually this squad is Salah + 24 others, a few others have spiked but fallen by the wayside and only Antonio is showing any sort of consistency but he’s a striker in his prime so is he doing anything unexpected? Truthfully you couldn’t ask for anymore from this squad and I’m just trying to add a talking point to this piece because honestly he’s outscoring everyone so far by a ridiculous amount that if you took away Salah’s 107pts then he’d still be pretty close to being top scorer. Near perfect start to the season here.

Niall (2nd in League, 6th in Draft)

We called his first 5 picks odd and very unbrophylike and to be honest we were right with only really Mane working out of that lot with Sarr and Benrahma delivering most of his points alongside Mendy at the back. Up front is really not clicking but Jimenez feels like he’s a couple of goals and some confidence away from kicking back into gear following his little sore head issue. Niall is currently 4 places above his draft pick which is some great FFY management picking up 6 wins along the way, amassing a respectable 4th highest points tally and he's one of only 2 teams to be in the positive when it comes to GD. I’ll be honest with you, I was surprised by most of this as Niall seems to be flying under the radar a bit here. Maybe it’s his decreased activity in the thread or new home and fiancée or just that Niall in and around the top of the league is where we expect him but he seems to be quietly having a good season without pulling up any trees. The only question will be if players like Sarr and Benrahma hold onto their points tallies throughout the season or are we seeing the classic early season bounce a few players have and if so who will step up out of his remaining squad?

Lee (3rd in League, 7th in Draft)

As above as below. Similarly to Niall and Warren TSFC are outperforming expectations and sit 3rd from 7th in the draft collecting 18pts from 6 wins so far. A run of 4 wins on the bounce to close out the GR really helped TSFC climb back up the table after an inconsistent start and surprise packages such as Townsend and Semedo have helped complimented the up and down form of the quite intense attacking midfield quartet of KDB, ESR, Jota and Mount. Richarlison’s injury highlighted the lack of depth upfront but that was also going to be the case when you concentrate on attacking midfielders as a tactic in the draft. Hard to say much else as any praise here gets met with derision and any criticism actually feels unwarranted.

Warren (4th in League, 8th in Draft)

I doubted. I was wrong. Again. Warren seems to have cracked this game after a stumbling first few seasons. He’s won 4 of 8 (no one beats Das Machine) with only really Trent going big in his squad but like the 2 above him sits 4 places higher than his draft pick and to be fair 8th pick is currently above 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th pick from the draft so he should rightly chuffed with his start to the season. Auba has toyed with a return to scoring form and Greenwood whilst scoring well is still a little raw to be relied upon in FFY. Not to shit on his parade again but I feel he’s a Trent injury away from struggling a bit but equally that’s when Trincao, Toney and Troost will all be tremendously terrific. In pure maverick fashion the pick up of Daka could…..could….be brilliant, definitely one to watch for GR2.


107pts from 9 games and he went 4th in the draft. Insanity.



Chris (6th in League, 9th in Draft)

I wanted to make Chris a winner but he just misses the cut off. Last pick in this years draft hasn;t held him back and he's up in 6th outscoring 5th, 2nd and 3rd pick. Mr Vardy leads the way predictably for him and although they haven’t had much game time until the latter weeks of the GR Chilwell, Foden and Rashford are going to have a big say in how this team does over GR2 and with Firmino starting to get in on the action I can see this team staying above those he’s ahead of for the foreseeable. It’s hard to find much to criticise him about due to the handicapped start he had and because, well, there’s plenty of others more deserving of said criticism. Speaking of which……



Dev (8th in League, 3rd in Draft)

Fuck me Dev what’s happened here? He heads what seems to be the biggest losers of a losers column we’ve ever had by virtue of theoretically knowing more about football than Toby and the fact that he’s only had 296 points scored against him which is a pitiful amount normally reserved for the team in 1st. He’s only beaten out to lowest points scored by the other Jabroni below with both Dev and Toby in a seemingly never ending battle to see who can shit all over their draft position the hardest. 2 wins, the only loss to Tobes, 8th of 9 with a team of gambles that has backfired in a really dready way. We knew his risky picks were……..*looks for thesaurus*…..risky but it’s all been very shit with Lukaku and Grealish failing to deliver with any consistency, Sancho looking like £2m would be a waste of money let alone £73m, Saka’s form hasn’t corresponded with an upturn in Arsenal's and Watkins has not shown anything like his form from last season… he’s been shunted to accommodate Ings… we thought would happen. Konate breaking into the pool first team holds some hope but it’s the hope that kills you and Devs early season hope is currently fucking him harder than when I opened Pietro’s door and put the handle through the wall in Rectory Road during a party where my girlfriend at the time probably sucked off a drug dealer and then drove us home coked off her face with me passed out in the back……odd night. When Conor Gallagher has been one of your best scorers yknow shit has gone wrong, the problem here is not that the risky first picks haven’t worked out currently it’s the rest of his squad is bad and like 1st and 2nd pick he’s completely forfeited the main benefit of being a high pick which is having a good squad and not having to rely on your first 2 picks all season. If this team can click and those new boys find their scoring boots regularly then Dev may have a chance going forward but as long as those first 5 picks are still being shit he doesn’t stand a chance but that's far too many ifs and maybes for 3rd pick.

Tiny (9th in League, 2nd in Draft)

The fuck is going on here too? 1 win, fuck all points scored, 5 teams with more points scored against and he’s only scored 2.5 times as many points as Salah who he didn’t pick. Jeez. Tiny Tony Toby was so close to a clean sweep of losses he must have been sweating more than……yup… of his midfielders who’s up on child fucking charges. Kane has been shite in his defence but when wasn’t he going to be given the summer he had (he picked him over Salah) Jesus is doing alright but aside from that this squad is dreadful and I don’t see where the points are going to come from. Young, Ritchie, Pulisic, Sigurdsson, Sterling, Neto, McTominay, Laca, Rodrigo and Martial have all been fucking toilet so far and these players should be nowhere near a 2nd pick team and guess what? It’s exactly what we would have expected from the vast majority of those. Come on tobes, 10 times you’ve done this now and I have to say I think this is your worst attempt. I mean I don’t know if I mentioned but Salah was available……

Rudi (5th in League, 1st in Draft)

Hmmm this isn’t going particularly well for Rudi. 12 points from 9 games, 4 won and 5 lost, 3rd highest points scored which all screams middling to be fair but then we are reminded this is first pick and first pick is afforded no graces and no chances. Be at or near the top or you are failing. Unfortunately this currently means Rudi is failing as he languishes down in 5th. What doesn’t help either is that this feels a very safe team and we generally look to first pick to be the entertainer and the team we wish we all had but this year it just seems….safe. Bruno should be this spark but he’s struggling like most of Uniteds attackers and so who is left? Soucek? Gundogan? VVD? Cancelo? Maupay? All good point scorers but no electricity at all and the Goalkeeper position is costing him dearly at the moment as his main keeper is now 2nd choice at his club and his 2nd choice doesn’t exist anymore. The nDo will be very interesting to see how Rudi can add to this squad and what he thinks he needs because safe generally has a ceiling of 5th or 6th placed finish and if Rudi wants to establish himself in he playoffs then he needs to hope his lone crusader in Bruno can find some form soon. A slight worry too that all 5 of his losses came in a row, in this game we all lose at times, that’s no problem but if you have a squad that bombs together then you are fucked, split those points up and some of those L’s could be W’s, this could be a personnel thing or it could be a selection issue with change and better squad use being needed in bad runs to try and shake it up and I’m sure Rudi will be investigated to ensure there is no repeat come GR2.

Ed (7th in League, 5th in Draft)

Like Big Man Ed is a man who walks the line betweens worlds but unlike Big Man unfortunately he is currently placed lower than his draft pick. 2 wins from 8 isn’t brilliant and I won’t lie I’m a little surprised as I had tipped Ed early on for having a decent squad but it seems the FFY Gods are in disagreement. A respectable 347 points scored so far and a whopping 458 conceded leaves him top of the points conceded table which is a fucking hostile world to live in. This leads me to think he’s doing better than his luck is allowing but also points win prizes and currently Ed has not many. His team will suffer now after Raya picked up a long term injury and his replacement Gunnarsson joins Runarsson in the ‘Where the fuck have they gone and who the fuck are they?’ files and so it looks like a straight shootout between the two for Harry Ramsdale come the end of Jan. Robertson and Shaw haven’t really delivered on their promise, Havertz was Tucheled and then reverse Tucheled, Mahrez is doing a Mahrez as is Son and St. Max is a sole shining light up front for Ed. Again looking through Ed’s team and it really feels like it should be doing better but alas here we are again and maybe I just think Ed is better than he actually is or maybe luck really has it in for him at the moment. Time will tell.

The Top 3 Draft Picks

A combined loserdom here because normally we have 1 of the 3 Holy Grail positions suffering a bit at the start but all 3? Get outta here. Mentioned earlier, I think, the main advantage of being a top 3 pick is the ability to squad build as there are generally 20 players available that will fill your top 2 picks but the difference between the top and bottom of the draft order is options on numbers 10-20 and none of these took advantage of that. Throw in the fact that none of their first 2 picks are working (Bruno, Bamford, Kane, Sterling, Lukaku and Sancho) and when I say not working I mean absolutely useless time wasters so the lack of any of them being able to build a squad has left them all up shits creek without a paddle….or a boat.

2nd Picks in the Draft

Bamford, Sterling, Sancho, Ings, Havertz, Cavani, Mount, Auba, Rashford.

What a load of toffee. Worst 2nd Round ever.


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