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GW1 Review

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

As we pat ourselves on the back over here for nailing most of the Draft Reviews with our worries and predictions being bang on let's have a little review of what happened in GW1.

Ed of Clarke CF 49 v 48 VV Brophy FC

What a wonderful season opener this was. Two lads in 5th and 6th in the draft order with a bucket load of personal history and neither man wanting to let the other get one over them so early in the season. Pereira (12) Son (10) and Raya (8) did the damage for Ed after being highlighted as key players in the draft round up where as Benhrama (12) and Sarr (9) responded to the kind words with big scores themselves and in classic new team no one knows anything about form some lad called Pinnock dropped 11 points on Niall’s name as he came up just 1 point short. Whilst the loss will hurt, a positive of this game being a 49 v 48 loss should not be lost. Yes it sucks scoring points like that and losing but do not be disheartened as scoring points like that will mean you’ll win more than you lose. An epic game that bounced back and forward all weekend, long may these types of games continue.


The Machine ? v 14 The People’s Prince

So we don’t have a final score for this but we don’t really need one. Any 2 of Fred (7) Mac Allister (9) Chalobah (14) Dennis (12) will beat Devs dreadful posting of 14. There was talk just yesterday of this being a year where Dev starts the league as a title favourite. 3rd (1st) pick, 9 players in the league and a free run at the best of the best and yet here we are again with Dev shitting the bed and making a right mess of it. The Draft notes made a point of highlighting the potential for slip up with those first 5 signings and guess what Lukaku didn’t play, Sancho got 45 seconds, Grealish struggled to carve his own space out, Watkins didn’t play and Saka was a floating rock in a sea of shit. In fact Dev opened up with 4 0’s which either shows bad research or gross negligence when picking his XI. Must do better.


Whoopi’s Wanderers 23 v 75 Mary FC

A tale as old as time this. Two brothers vying for the same spotlight, both winners whose names are forever etched into FFY History started off as 4th v 8th pick and once again it feels as the Draft companion piece absolutely nailed this one. We questioned Warrens squad selection and struggled to get a First XI together where as we marvelled at Marys outrageously strong XI. This could not have played out more accurately to be honest. Mary absolutely beasted this weekend with Salah (17) Pogba (16) and Antonio (13) bringing some serious heat and laying down a massive championship favourite marker on the table. Where as Mary has gone attack heavy and picked up some gems Warrens 4 strikers of Pukki, Werner, Tella and Trincao is not going to win you the league, sorry bud, this could be a long season. 30 points on the bench shows there is a bit of hope for wallen but I’m not sure they are just one offs rather than a consistent source of points.


AC Barella 66 v 38 CBA FC

A brute of an opener for Chris as 1st pick took on 9th and this opener was sewn up after the second 90mins of football as Bruno (20) did a madness and slayed any early season hope Big Man may have been harbouring. 4 players with 7 (VVD, Azpil, Soucek, DCL) and Norgaard with 8 topped up that brutal score from Bruno and as we said in the Draft piece this isn’t a bad team by any stretch of the imagination and it will leave Rudi high up the table, it’s just not a fun team. It’s like an old school Mourinho team rather than a PSG sort of team. Yknow, functional, solid and workman like but I guess when they are scoring 66 off the bat who are we to ask for more/something else? Big Man should be able to ignore this result and start again next week. The joy of being a shitty pick is you can do no wrong really as life is easier to deal with when disappointment is the expectation.


TSFC 55 v 30 Atletico Tiny

Solid opener from TSFC with the overstocked midfield dropping bombs, (Canos 11) Richarlison (11) Jota (8) Cresswell (7) made up the bulk of the scoring but there were 30 points left on the bench too will add increased hope to what this squad can do but like any season the main issue will be the man picking the team. Much like last season the only thing potentially holding back this squad is the man steering the ship (and their lack of strikers, depth in defence and in and out of form midfielders.) Not a great first match for Tiny, Kane fucked him/he fucked himself playing him and arguably that will be a dead pick until the transfer window is closed where as only Alisson (6) and Pulisic (8) did anything of note. 2nd pick comes with it’s own pressures and hopefully Toby can work out his squad and start delivering as 2nd should be.


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