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GR2 Winners/Losers

Game Round 2 Roundup

Merry Christmas one and all. Did you miss me? Guessing so as this time 9 games ago I was congratulating y’all on your sterling effort in the GW previews but that went to shit pretty quickly didn’t it. All fun and games when it’s something new but consistency is not any of your strong points unless you count being a group of fussyholes who only care about themselves. Apart from Toby who dominated the previews with Nonce Trumps which was inspired and required a lot of effort, truly commendable. The rest of you? Eat a bag of dicks.

Soooooooooooooooooo here’s how the table looks after 18 weeks and here’s the GR2 Table, GR2 Form and GR2 Head to Head.

And now a little look at the top scoring players in the game at the moment which contains no less than 3 Free Agents which is a bit worrying and also tantalisingly exciting for the nDo.

Sa 83pts Free Agent

TAA 126pts Warren

Cancelo 109pts Rudi

James 90pts Lee

Rudiger 88pts Mary

Salah 170pts Mary

Jota 94pts Lee

Bernardo 93pts Free Agent

Gallagher 89pts Dev

Mane 89pts Niall

Dennis 84pts Free Agent

Winners & Losers



Only place to start really is with Mr Wildcard himself, the leader of Whoopi and her Wanderers and all round gentleman Mr Warren Mallia.

At the end of GR1 we said

‘I doubted. I was wrong’ – not this time baby, we are all aboard this train

‘Warren seems to have cracked this game after a stumbling first few seasons.’ – Still very true

‘Not to shit on his parade again but I feel he’s a Trent injury away from struggling a bit but equally that’s when Trincao, Toney and Troost will all be tremendously terrific.’ At no point have any of those 3 been remotely half good let alone all the T’s but yknow….there’s still time.

‘definitely one to watch for GR2.’ and as if by magic…..

Mr Mallia Snr built upon his 4 wins in GR1 and added 2 more to those numbers taking 18 points from a possible 27 and more than anyone else in the League including the 7 picks ahead of him in the draft. There is genuine madness here though as most of the time it feels like Warren just takes a big bag of names, shakes it up nciely, empties it all over the floor and picks the first 25 names he sees but somehow his teams always respond. Take GW18 for example, didn’t even bother to put a team in, only had 4 players playing and still managed to take home the 3. Ridiculous. In that tricky situation now though of being a low draft pick meaning your only real objective at the start of the season is not to win the Goober but with this start and currently being joint top on points he’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t reach the playoffs which in truth he has no right to considering his draft placement. Replicate this first half form though and he’ll end up as one of the favourites in what would be a stunning Championship win.


Everyone loves to see TSFC doing well and this year is no different, the compliments on his squad picking and team building have been endless and it’s really lovely to be recognised when having a wonderful season......

GR1 we chattered this…..

‘the up and down form of quite a intense midfield of KDB, ESR, Jota and Mount.’ These guys really turned it around with GW17 being a highlight when all 4 delivered either a goal, assist or both. Lovely stuff.

‘Richarlison’s injury highlighted the lack of depth upfront but that was also going to be the case when you concentrate on attacking midfielders as a tactic in the draft.’ Still very true and something that will need to be addressed in the nDo.

‘Hard to say much else as any praise here gets met with derision and any criticism actually feels unwarranted.’ Unfortunately there’s not a GR when ABC isn’t rolled out….

TSFC currently sit atop the league on GD and won 5 times in GR2 never winning more than 2 in a row nor losing more than 2 at a time. James, Jota and ESR have been particular highlights so far this season for them and as mentioned the only blot on their copy paper is that completely ineffectual strike force. Come the end of the Jan if this team can pick up a Striker and another Defender then they should be a shoe in for the playoffs. Oh and also top scorer in this round with 365 points. One for every day you think about how annoying TSFC are.

*New Entry* Chris

My My My Big Man we are quietly getting it done.

Last time we mentioned….

‘I wanted to make Chris a winner’ And I did this time.

‘It’s hard to find much to criticise him about due to the handicapped start he had’ So I won’t

Yes lad, here at the tippy tappy towers of FFY we’ve been big fans of Chris’ team this year and were hoping for good things from last pick this season and it’s only taken 2 GR’s to prove us right. Last time out he narrowly missed out on the winners section but this time around he is firmly in the mix. Rather amazingly this is all happening without a particular player going on a mad one, just consistently average scores across his squad helping steady this ship and start making a low key push for playoff contention as he sits just 3pts off the hallowed spots. Could he make it the 3 worst picks in the draft all siting in the playoffs? That would be quite a thing come the end of GR3.


Middle Grounders

I didn’t want to do this middle ground no mans land bullshit this time around as I wanted hard and fast winners and losers but I didn’t want to make either of these two winners because they are still piss poor for their draft positions but equally I had to concede some form of defeat and not include them as losers either.


First pick has been better but considering that 7th/8th/9th pick are all above him in GR2 table it’s fair to say better hasn’t equated to good yet.

Last time out we said

‘ first pick is afforded no graces and no chances. Be at or near the top or you are failing.’ Still true hence no winners baybay.

‘we generally look to first pick to be the entertainer and the team we wish we all had but this year it just seems….safe’ hey hey getting there Rudi, 3rd highest points scored across the 9 games. Noice.

‘Bruno should be the entertainer but he’s struggling like most of Uniteds attackers and so who is left? Soucek? Gundogan? VVD? Cancelo? Maupay?’ This is pertinent as one of those listed is the entertainer, Cancelo is having another wild season (is it wild or is it now his standard?) and is bringing bear points back for the OG Big Man.

‘The nDo will be very interesting to see how Rudi can add to this squad and what he thinks he needs because safe generally has a ceiling of 5th or 6th placed finish and if Rudi wants to establish himself in the playoffs then he needs to hope his lone crusader in Bruno can find some form soon.’ All of this very accurate, whilst the boys above him in the league have their midfield points scorers he really needs to find a way to increase that total on a regular basis as currently his 2 top scorers are defenders and they are light years ahead of anyone else.

So yeah a half decent run of games for Rudi with 4 wins which incidentally is the same as in GR1 but during that more people had scored more hence the difference in columns this time round. Seems like 4 wins is his standard meaning he’ll rock a cool 48pts come the end of the season but will that be enough? Spoiler - it won't.


Most of the time watching Dev play FFY is like watching a man with no arms try to comb his hair. Amusing for 5 mins but then you just want to put him out of his misery by putting him in a bag and throwing him in the river. Unfortunately somehow this prick has won 4 games this GR though so fair’s fair he’s in the group of mundane blunt weapons who luck out by others being that little bit shitter.

Last time we wrote

‘He heads what seems to be the biggest losers of a losers column we’ve ever had’ Yes it was. Yes it certainly was.

‘Dev may have a chance going forward but as long as those first 5 picks are still being shit he doesn’t stand a chance.’ Saka has improved but somehow he’s managed to turn his form around without his first 5 picks doing much of anything. Lucky boy.

Once again beaten off bottom of the scoring charts by Tiny but guess that makes sense with draft picks and all but the real confusing thing here is how the 2nd lowest scorer and the highest conceder (not a word) can somehow have won nearly half of his games. Baffling. Now whilst this GR has been better it’s still not very good and Dev currently sits in 7th, 6 points off the other mook a place higher on this list and a place higher in the draft order.




Marty Marty Marty what has gone wrong here? Been a while since you’ve graced this end of the shitty stick and perhaps you deserve better after being only 6th in the GR2 league table but you’ve won as many games as Toby and that is loser status if ever I’ve ever seen it.

Last time said

‘Here we go again, he’s had a few years off but this is the Mary of old.’ Oh how short lived this was

‘this is a squad is legit and has smashed this first GR or has it……? There is an argument that actually this squad is Salah + 24 others’ wait a minute let’s explore this a bit more, last time Salah had scored 107pts where as this GR he’s only notched up 63 points so in theory I was completely and utterly correct that this is Salah + the rest and a dip in Salah’s has matched up to a dip in Mallia Jr’s form. God I’m good.

‘Near perfect start to the season here.’ Oh how the mighty fall, he let the praise go to his head I think.

It’s been quite the regression in terms of form. Last time out this guy was top boy, 7 wins and flying high to 3 wins and gently gently slowly slipping down the top 4 places with his only saviour being the arresting form of the next guy up on this list. The damage was really done during the first 4 games of this GR with 4 losses coming thick and fast and I feel like those losses also corresponded with some non team submissions but a better writer would check that out before mentioning it. With all this said though he still finds himself only 3 points off the top so all is definitely not lost and this shows the importance of starting well because there will be GR’s where we all fall and fall hard but with the right foundations those can look like blips rather than the 'new normal.' GR3 will tell us all we really need to know about this squad and it’s playoff/championship credentials.


The only thing more surprising than Mary’s fall from grace has been this guys. 9 point GR’s and 7th in the GR table is not what we expect. Top 2 in the Winners last time become the top 2 in the Losers. Sad times.

Last time we said

‘ I’ll be honest with you, I was surprised by most of this as Niall seems to be flying under the radar a bit here. Maybe it’s his decreased activity in the thread, or new home and fiancée or just that Niall in and around the top of the league is where we expect him but he seems to be quietly have a good season without pulling up any trees.’ This is all still sort of relevant because I was surprised this time around to see him having such a disappointing GR2.

‘The only question will players like Sarr and Benrahma hold only their points tallies throughout the season or are we seeing the classic early season bounce a few players have and if so who will step up out of his remaining squad?’ ah yes… it feels GR2 may have answered this.

He currently finds himself in murky territory surrounded by the likes of Dev and Tony when it comes to points scored and unfortunately he’s not really had that many points scored against him to use it as a reason. It appears looking at his squad this unbrophylike bunch of lads is starting to bite him the arse a bit. A few too many of his hopeful/punt picks that were storming it in GR1 have stalled and with only Mane of any real points pedigree in his squad it really seems to limit his chances when said top dog is off form…..The AFCON should be fun…..I think the most damning thing at the moment is his GK Mendy is his 2nd highest points scorer behind Mane which is wonderful if there are other players in and around the same points but there isn’t here. He’ll need to use his 5 nDo picks wisely to halt this form and hopefully with the addition of a couple more consistent point scorers to carry his up and downers then we could see a reversal in fortunes. Oh and he was the guy to lose to Warry in that ridiculous 11 v 4 game, aggoooooooooo.


This is not going well, there were glimmers of hope in GR1 but even though he’s won an extra game he’s left himself with a lot of work to do in the last 2 GR’s if he wants to get himself back up to where ex champions live.

We said

‘a whopping 458 conceded leaves him top of the points conceded table which is a fucking hostile world to live in.’ 3rd lowest now but that’s only given him an extra 3 points.

‘This leads me to think he’s doing better than his luck is allowing’ have to say this is no longer true, feels more like he’s doing as well as he squad allows

‘points win prizes’ hard to argue with.

‘and currently Ed has not many.’ Still wholly accurate.

‘His team will suffer now the lack of a goalkeeper’ The nDo may be too late to save this team and this issue.

‘Robertson and Shaw haven’t really delivered on their promise’ still true

‘Havertz was Tucheled and then reverse Tucheled’ I don’t know what this means but it still feels true

‘Mahrez is doing a Mahrez’ Sure

‘Son and St. Max is a sole shining light up front for Ed’ Ah here we go, these points have massively dried out which will go some way to explain why he hasn’t kicked on more.

‘maybe I just think Ed is better than he actually is or maybe luck really has it in for him at the moment. Time will tell.’ Is time telling? Time will tell.

9 points from 3 wins is a familiar theme in the losers section (spoiler Tiny has won 3 too) and whilst there’s a 3 point gain on GR1 all the others around him are gaining too leaving his gains not actually gains but rather he finds himself treading water in a sea of mediocrity. It was really the middle part of this GR that did the damage with 5 losses on the bounce and once you hit those numbers it’s real tough to mount a come back. Currently 12 points off the playoffs and considering he’s only scored 18 points in 18 games I think his destiny is already known.


9 points is better than 3 points but lowest scorer again and still rooted to the bottom of the table are not good things.

‘The fuck is going on here?’ Still relevant as this is your 2nd pick in the draft.

‘he’s only scored 2.5 times as many points as Salah who he didn’t pick.’ Ha fuck you Salah this is up to 4.3 times as many points in GR2. Eat shit Mo.

‘Kane has been shite’ Still shite. Really shite in fact.

‘Young, Ritchie, Pulisic, Sigurdsson, Sterling, Neto, McTominay, Laca, Rodrigo and Martial have all been fucking toilet so far and these players should be nowhere near a 2nd pick team and guess what? It’s exactly what we would have expected from the vast majority of those.’ Yup and the sun rises and the sun sets. Same old Same old.

4 losses in a row started this GR but then 3 wins made everyone wonder if this was just a slow starting team and in fact the correct gears had been found and we were starting to see a team churn out some results but those thoughts quickly went away with 2 straight losses which leaves us here, 9th place, 12 points, just under 300 points behind the highest scorer and not even in the top 5 for highest scored against. I’ve put a lot of faith in the some of the teams not doing so well to correct it in the nDo but that good will ends here as the other teams have some spark of hope evident in how the squads have been put together where as this squad just screams lay me to rest and wake me up when the new season starts. Just to drive home this point his squads highest scorer is in fact Alisson with 54pts. That’s less than Salah scored in GR2….have I mentioned Toby didn’t pick him before? Great preview though, really top class so that’s something and something is better than nothing right?


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