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GR3 Winners & Losers

Hello hello hello, here we are at another end of Game Round so let’s have a look at how you did. Thankfully for some of you it’s a lot better than your efforts at previews. 9 years of weekly previews from me and I ask for some help for 1 year and GR1 is all we can pretty much manage. Thumbs up lads.

Here is the current Table, the GR3 Table, a Form Table and AND the current Head to Head Table

And now a little look at the top scoring players in the game and if anything it seems very much like this is not the season of the striker. Useless, all of them.

Ederson/Sa 115pts Warren/Rudi

TAA 162pts Warren

Cancelo 151pts Rudi

VVD 130pts Rudi

Dias 122pts Mary

Salah 209pts Mary

Bowen 152pts Chris

Son 138pts Ed

Fernandes 127pts Rudi

Mane/Jota 126pts Niall/Lee

Antonio 110pts Mary



First pick has finally shown some mettle and is doing what 1st pick is expected to do, it’s taken a while but 8 wins from 9 is spectacular when you consider that 1 loss was against Das Machine. There is a pressure and price that comes with being 1st pick and an even bigger one if you’ve topped both the OG Draft and the nDo but this team has finally learned how to deal with said pressure and they’ve really clicked into gear.

Last time out we said

‘So yeah a half decent run of games for Rudi with 4 wins which incidentally is the same as in GR1 but during that more people had scored more hence the difference in columns this time round. Seems like 4 wins is his standard meaning he’ll rock a cool 48pts come the end of the season but will that be enough?’ – This seems to have been the fire up their arse they needed as he won as many games in GR3 as he did in GR1 & 2 combined.

Highest point score this time round by quite a distance and the key number….lowest points scored against but it would be churlish to point fingers in that direction when there are others we’ll be chatting about soon who are benefitting much more from the fixtures (that they pick…..#justsaying) All in all a bloody sterling effort and arguably the best GR of his FFY career which has been very underwhelming up to this point. Can he continue this good form or will he resort to the first half of the season form? Only time will tell……..


The two middle grounders from GR2 are topping our list in GR3. Good work from these guys…..ish.

Last time we wrote

‘Most of the time watching Dev play FFY is like watching a man with no arms try to comb his hair. Amusing for 5 mins but then you just want to put him out of his misery and drown him in a river.’ - Still true.

‘Unfortunately somehow this prick has won 4 games this GR though so fair’s fair he’s in the group of mundane blunt weapons who luck out by others being that little bit shitter.’ – Somehow this prick has won 7 games in this GR and well all the insults are still true because fuck him, he’s a dick.

‘‘He heads what seems to be the biggest losers of a losers column we’ve ever had’ Yes it was. Yes it certainly was.’ – and now he’s second in the biggest losers of a winners column we’ve ever had.

‘Saka has improved but somehow he’s managed to turn his form around without his first 5 picks doing much of anything. Lucky boy.’ – Still true Lukaku, Grealish, Saka, Watkins and Sancho have all been shit, well Saka hasn’t really but he’s pulled down by the other bottom dwellers on that list. To be fair I don’t know where his points come from………..oh yeah he’s scored fuck all points and has just managed to sneak by everyone because they seem to have forgotten how to score against him / he's worked the fixtures out perfectly to avoid easy games for the big point players he’s playing against.

‘Once again beaten off bottom of the scoring charts by Tiny’ -Toby scored more than him this time. Toby.

‘Now whilst this GR has been better it’s still not very good and Dev currently sits in 7th, 6 points off the other mook a place higher on this list and a place higher in the draft order.’ This has unfortunately been a great GW for Dev and all of a sudden the playoffs are a very real possibility as he sits 6th on GD level on points with 4th and 9pts clear of Chris in 7th. Uh-oh, here comes the steam train……..choo choo.


Weird one for TSFC, I felt like they’d had a bad GR but was surprised to see they’d won 5 (the same as GR2) but the point scoring has fallen off as they sit around midtable in both for and against charts. Guess it shows how good the season is going when they are disappointed with 5 wins from in a GR but to be 2nd in the table due to GD is something that 7th pick should not be disappointed with. Injuries to key point scorers across GR3 severally hampered this teams scoring ability but with nearly a fully fit squad as we enter GR4 it’ll be interesting to see what they get up to.

GR2 we chattered this…..

‘Come the end of the Jan if this team can pick up a Striker and another Defender then they should be a shoe in for the playoffs.’ Nah, he went for midfielders didn’t he.

They have a 9 point gap between them and 4th and barring and absolute catastrophic collapse this should be enough to see them qualify for the end of season shootout……….cue catastrophic collapse.


Middle Grounders


1 more win in GR3 than GR2 sees him jump up to no mans land, it’s not brilliant but it’s not great.

Last time we said

‘Top 2 in the Winners last time become the top 2 in the Losers. Sad times.’ – and to complete the set he’s not top 2 in the middle grounders…….what’s to come in GR4 though, we may need to make a new section from him.

‘‘The only question will players like Sarr and Benrahma hold only their points tallies throughout the season or are we seeing the classic early season bounce a few players have and if so who will step up out of his remaining squad?’ ah yes… it feels GR2 may have answered this.’ – GR3 really drove this point home.

‘The AFCON should be fun’ Totally got away with it because there was fuck all games on in Jan due to Covid and Cups.

‘I think the most damning thing at the moment is his GK Mendy is his 2nd highest points scorer behind Mane’ – 3rd now as Bennyrahama has scored 4 more points than Mendy.

‘He’ll need to use his 5 nDo picks wisely to halt this form and hopefully with the addition of a couple more consistent point scorers’ – He used 4 and got the impressive Laporte and took some striker punts. Laporte will help a lot, here’s hoping Wout will too.

Another player that I feel isn’t having a good season but given his Draft position it could be argued he’s above par but some players you just expect a bit more from, or more so you judge by higher standards. He’s very much in the mix for the playoffs and is 3 points off 3rd but is unfortunately part of the terrible trio on 39 points. 9 games to beat off the other two guys and 9 games to try and finish in the top 4.


Not a great GR for Mr Maverick in FFY, in real life it’s been a bit of a win recently but we don’t care about that here, all we care about is league positions and points scored and he’s done too much of that. 1 of 3 people to only win 3 games he escapes the losers section due to his OG draft position and nDo posi. I’m not entirely sure his nDo will help him as it felt more the wildcard end of his FFY barometer but when 10th you are already fighting from under without even stepping into the ring.

At the end of GR2 we said

‘‘I doubted. I was wrong’ – not this time baby, we are all aboard this train’ – unfortunately this train has stalled in the station in GR3

‘At no point have any of those 3 been remotely half good let alone all the T’s but yknow….there’s still time.’ – There’s not much time left now for these 3 to make a difference

‘Replicate this first half form though and he’ll end up as one of the favourites in what would be a stunning Championship win.’ Ah yes, having won 5 and then 6 in GR1 & 2 he’s stumbled to just 3 wins this time.

Big big GR for Wally coming up. 9 games to solidify his position in the playoffs, he currently sits 6 points off the top 2 which is promising but the worry will be he’s only 3 points ahead of ‘The Heartbreakers’ in 4th, 5th and 6th. Continue his current form and all that early season hard work could all be or nothing.




Same Same but different really here. 9 points in GR3 is the same as 9 points in GR2 and better than 3pts in GR1.

We Said

‘‘The fuck is going on here?’ Still relevant as this is your 2nd pick in the draft.’ – Yeah still this but feels more expected now than surprising.

‘‘Kane has been shite’ Still shite. Really shite in fact.’ – Still shit. Yup yup yup.

‘this squad just screams lay me to rest and wake me up when the new season starts.’ – ne’er a truer word spoketh.

‘Just to drive home this point his squads highest scorer is in fact Alisson with 54pts.’ – yeah……78 now and still top scorer.

If anything Toby found some consistency in GR3 as he would win a game and then lose the next 2…..3 times in a row which is nonsense but somehow he managed it. Aside from that there’s not much else to say.


2 in a row for Mary in the losers section and he now finds himself in a shitty scrap for the top 4 with Niall and Dev.

Last time we said

‘but you’ve won as many games as Toby. That is loser status if ever I’ve ever seen it.’ – and now you’re below him due to GD in the GR3 Table. Uh-oh.

‘in theory I was completely and utterly correct that this is Salah + the rest and a dip in Salah’s has matched up to a dip in Mallia Jr’s form. God I’m good.’ – Still this, I feel he suffered more than Niall did losing Mane and that would be because Salah is all he’s got. ALL HE’S GOT.

‘3 wins and gently gently slowly slipping down the top 4 places’ – oh it’s still true unfortunately.

‘With all this said though he still finds himself only 3 points off the top’ - That’s slipped to 9 now which I feel is an insurmountable number considering the form of those around him.

‘so all is definitely not lost’ – it is now, give up.

‘GR3 will tell us all we really need to know about this squad and it’s playoff/championship credentials.’ Maybe not as definitively as I hoped but even though he leads the other 2 pretty boys on GD I would probably rank his as least favourite to make the playoffs at the moment.


It’s getting worse. 1 win, 2nd lowest points and not even the highest conceder. Very much expected to just phone it now and wait for the new season to start. He’s been so bad he probably won’t win the Goober as that’s how this shit works.

We said

‘This leads me to think he’s doing better than his luck is allowing’ have to say this is no longer true, feels more like he’s doing as well as he squad allows

‘points win prizes’ hard to argue with.

‘and currently Ed has not many.’ Still wholly accurate.

‘His team will suffer now the lack of a goalkeeper’ The nDo may be too late to save this team and this issue.

‘Robertson and Shaw haven’t really delivered on their promise’ still true

‘Havertz was Tucheled and then reverse Tucheled’ I don’t know what this means but it still feels true

‘Mahrez is doing a Mahrez’ Sure

‘Son and St. Max is a sole shining light up front for Ed’ Ah here we go, these points have massively dried out which will go some way to explain why he hasn’t kicked on more.

‘maybe I just think Ed is better than he actually is or maybe luck really has it in for him at the moment. Time will tell.’ Is time telling? Time will tell.

I haven’t changed any of these points as it’s pretty much bang on again. Time has told it seems and it’s that Ed is having a horrendous season and it will hurt him more than most due to his connection to the game we all love.


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