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nD-o yeah or nD-oh no?


In – CRon (85), Sa (96), Cash (64), Sissoko (42), Fabianski (85)

Total – 372

Out – Deeney (2), Bertrand (4), Evans (19), Lingard (21), Runarsson (0)

Total – 46

1st pick the OG Draft and then 1st pick in the nDo so in theory this team should be legit and with a decent OG Draft little work would need to be done. Instead 5 players were transferred out with 4 players and Sissoko being transferred in. The real mad thing here is the list of out players. In what world is first pick drafting Deeney and Runarsson? Madness. Still 2 Gk’s after the fucking mess of Leno and Son of Runar is a positive but leaving Leno in the squad and removing Lingard after Greenwood's self destruction is a bonkers move but that doesn’t quite top stupidest transfer of the nDo, that’s still to come. Also CRon first pick? 5 players ahead of him in points so far for the season but I guess that goes some way to explaining this squad although the real madness here is he’s currently in 3rd place so maybe what the hell do I know? Equally dual first pick having a midfield of Maddison, Ward Prowse and Sissoko is a fucking violation of things FFY. For that alone this is a massive nDo No. Although I will add he did address his keeper issues which raise his nDo rating a bit.

New Transfer Watch

CRon, Sa and Sissoko started GW24 and it started as expected, pretty shit. CRon didn’t start and only came on for a few minutes to do nothing and Sissoko probably achieved his ceiling with 2 points. All eyes point to Sa…and he was fine, got himself 2 points but will be looking nervously over his shoulder at Fabianski who picked up 6 this GW.



In – Laporte (101), Broja (64), Weghorst (2), McLean (41)

Total – 208

Out – Lo Celso (11), Walcott (11), Vydra (27), Giannoulis (23)

Total - 72

6 and 2 is how his draft positions look and I’m ok with how this has gone, Laporte at first pick is one of those how the fuck was he available but I guess like Tornado Silva we all expected him to leave in the summer but man is a 108 point player and that is exactly the sort of injection VV Brophy needs after a sticky middle of the season. Broja and Weghorst seem like decent upgrades on what was traded and I honestly have no idea who McLean is and life is too short to find out. I'm sure he’s an middlingly average player at Norwich who will do what he needs to do for Niall but he also sounds like something you’d be after smoking a joint whilst eating a big mac. Bet that joke plays much better when you’re McLean.

New Transfer Watch

Laporte, McLean and Warhorse started GW24 and Warhorse really set the tone on the first night of the GW, a bloody lovely assist from the big guy and exactly what this squad needed. Laporte carried on with what he’s been doing all season in collecting another clean sheet whilst McLean dropped a fat 2pts.



In – Coutinho (9), Diaz (0), DvdB (14), Chiquinho (0), Sanchez (75)

Total – 97

Out – Bryan (9), Mendy (3), James (0), Traore (44), Torres (26)

Total – 82

Quite the out list from Mary, some lad called Bryan (I honestly don’t know who he is), a serial rapist, an ex Madrid star midfielder and 2 guys who joined Barcelona. Sounds impressive right? Well they were are all fucking rubbish and the fact that Traore is playing for Barca shows how far they have fallen, the only equivalent I can think of is if Pep brought Eboue into the Citeh line up to play his highly tactical RB/CM role. Those chumps are gone though and in comes 2 wildcards, 1 failed card, some one else and a half decent GK. It all feels a bit Sean Deverell to me in that they both felt the need to make risky picks their business on players in new teams from that well known ‘need to take punts’ draft position of 3rd. Still I think Couts might be a decent bit of business and whilst Diaz is probably going to play around 140 mins of football between now and the end of the season let’s just be thankful Mendy is no longer associated with FFY because let’s be honest, jokes aside, no one wants that.

New Transfer Watch

DvdA, Coutinho and Diaz start for Mary and Davidian did not start for Everton, or come on when an attacking midfielder got injured as he was overlooked for Dele whom Mary somehow picked even though he was someone elses player which was for some reason allowed to slide. He did come on for a point though and carried on his EPL career in completely underwhelming fashion. To make up for that disappointing Tuesday debutant Wednesday night brought Coutinho fucking smashing shit up. Goal and 2 assists is one hell of a way to announce his arrival at Mary FC. Lovely stuff for Martboy. Diaz then got himself 3 points on Thursday. Haven’t watched or read anything about the game so that’s as far as that analysis goes.



In – Dennis (93), Tomiyasu (69), Ait Nouri (54), Livaremento (54)

Total – 270

Out – Abraham (0), Louza (10), Gunnarsson (0), Gomez (4)

Total – 14

Not there in person but very much the ghost in our machine……hope you’re feeling better Ed and fingers crossed you’ll be back to full health asap. For me Clive this is very much a nDo Yeah. 4 trades were made and a big ol bunch of louza’s have gone and 4 decent lads have come in. Dennis is this seasons complete wildcard who will end up with around 150 points and then get picked up by 2nd pick next season in the 2nd round and end up scoring 23 points after securing a £43m move to spurs in the summer. He just seems like that sort of shitty footballer. This season though it feels like a good signing. Then comes the defenders, solid and decent point scoring lads is all you can ask for and to be honest I was disappointed Tomiyasu went as I wanted him, such a dude. The lack of a keeper surprises me but I’m guessing that means Raya is back now otherwise that might be the only issue he ran into not being there himself and letting Dev sort it. Turns out it wasn't as he ended up with an illegal team but for once The League showed some compassion.

New Transfer Watch

Tomi and Dennis start in Ed’s new XI and Dennis left his goalscoring boots at home but I know how much Ed wanted him as he told Dev he had to be his first pick regardless of who else was left so I’m just happy he’s happy. Tomi unfortunately is fit enough to train but not play which wasn’t the start our Ed would have liked for Tomi.



In – Bernardo (108), Cornet (55), Guimaraes (0), Justin (2)

Total – 165

Out – Balogun (2), Chambers (1), Fraser (30), Townsend (63)

Total – 96

Only needed to do 2 bits of business but ended up with 4 which seems a bit unnecessary but it’s good to shake the squad up a touch and keep them on their toes. Somehow top point scorer BurnBurnardo Silva made it to 5th pick and TSFC were more than happy to add to their compliment of midfielders. All I’m going to say is has there ever been a better midfield in FFY than KDB, B.Silva, Mount, Jota and ESR? Genuine question. Anyway I’m sure that be answered with grace and love. Cornet for Chambers is the only other change that was 'necessary' and whilst Chambers might play at Villa Cornet is more likely to do something interesting and if we know anything about TSFC it’s that they love an attacking midfielder. A DM for a starting winger might not be the best move but equally he's got 3 apps so who cares and Justin for Townsend was just because they could and if Justin can find his pre injury form for only a few games it would be completely worth it. Once James comes back from injury I think we might be looking at the best team TSFC have ever had in 10 years which isn’t actually saying much.

New Transfer Watch

B. Silva and Jim Cornet started and Cornet brought nothing, going off after 68 mins and to make matters worse a player who was traded out really went to town playing under the freedom of Das Mathias. Not the best first night of games. To compound the post nDo misery B.Silva did the square root of fuck all but at least collected the extra clean sheet point. Back to the drawing board I feel.



In – Bentancur (0), Eriksen (0), Trippier (9), Moder (47), Hwang (47)

Total – 103

Out – Chilwell (54), Onyeka (31), Fernandez (11), March (32), Neves (52)

Total – 180

Forgot how long these are when I do them. Ugh. Very spursy past and present from big man. A mixed bag I would say but considering the guys who left every one is probably an upgrade which is all we really want. Losing Chilwell will hurt but equally I imagine he dealt with that blow when it happened but the main thing really about the nDo and Chris is that he was there and he engaged in conversation. Remarkable really.

New Transfer Watch

Tripps and Moder were given debuts by Chris and boy did Tripps deliver scoring a free kick. Big Man will be delighted with this as we all know there’s nothing sweeter than defender goals. Moder however plays for Brighton and they don’t have a GW this week so that hasn’t gone well.


Das Machine

In – Ramsdale (92), Kante (42), Kovacic (64)

Total – 198

Out - Everyone else's ins

Das Machine did as well as they could but their best signing came pre nDo in the resigning of Chrish Mathias to management in The League. Lovely stuff. His first port of call was to ensure Harry Ramsdale stayed with the ‘Left Behinds’ which seemed to annoy another member of The League who if I’m being honest has no right in moaning about a player going when he’s been first pick at every draft this season but yknow….some people just want to see the world burn. Anyhow following Ramsdale came 2 DM signings and his work was done. Maverick. We’ll see this GW how the new and stripped out Machine does and then from GW28 we’ll see if Chrish remembers how to play the game.

Transfer Watch

New signing Fraser started his new life with a goal and an assist with Ramsey also showing off his skillz to the new guy in charge Ralph Woofnick. AFuckingA Ron only went and got himself 9 points didn’t he. What a lad.



In – Odegaard (75), Varane (46), James (52), Bardsley (0)

Total – 173

Out – Henderson (0), Zinchenko (28), Klich (40), Almiron (28)

Total – 96

First of all there’s too many lads in this league with the name James. To start off with it’s a first name and secondly why is Dev obsessed with this kid? 2nd year (in 3) of having him I believe and it still doesn’t make sense but then look at his squad and league position and maybe it does make sense. Anyhow 2 tidy pick ups in Odegaard and Varane although you would have thought Varane would have a better points total at this stage of the season considering how incredible he’s supposed to be…….I just had to double check that I had got the ins and outs the right way around because picking up Bardsley makes little to no sense to me, not really sure what the point of that one is as there are still other players who play regularly for Burnley available. Zinchenko understandably got dropped as his appearances are too random to predict and that’s about that. Overall I’d say this is neither a nay nor a yay and just a very average nDo.

New Transfer Watch

Varane, James and Odegaard start for The Canadevs with Varane keeping form in picking up 2pts and not a lot more. Dan fucking James though………..what a dick. Man popped up with 2 goals and pretty much picking up a quarter of the points he’s amassed in 23 GW’s in one night. Master management or an utter fluke? Time will tell………’s a fluke. Odegaard rocked a solid 3, looked his tidy self and played well. Good lad is Martin.



In – Gabriel (84), Kilman (79), Jansson (66), Henry (57), Doucoure (63)

Total – 349

Out – Sigs (0), Martial (14), Thompson (3), Ogbonna (40), Eze (5)

Total – 62

Not sure where to start here so let’s work down the list. Gabriel is a great pick up at the back as is Kilman and you can’t argue with the 2 lads dropped in Noncey McNoncesson and Martial Law. Jansson for Thompson again makes sense but it starts to get a bit odd from here. Henry, Rico for Ogbonna seems strange to me, not sure why you’d want another Brentford player who has only scored 17 more points than the player you’re transferring out but we all have our reasons I guess. The real problem and Worst Transfer of the Window is Doucoure for Eze, Toby did a madness here. Bad luck (or was he always injured?) has meant Eze has missed the first half of the season but he’s back, literally last prem game he came back and coupled with him arguably being one of the best players at Palace you’d think Tiny would be doing a little dance of joy because yknow….like a new signing and all that….but no. This is Tiny Tony Toby, man drops him heartlessly at the end of the nDo and replaces him Doucoure. Fuck Knuckle Doucoure to give him his full name who plays for a relegation favourite and is in general pretty toilet. Fucking nonsense mate. At least Das Mathias has picked up a stunning player who will drop some big points for him.

New Transfer Watch

Gabs, Kil-a-man and Pontus Pilate make their Tiny debuts. Jansson did a lot during the game and played well but that’s not the point of this game. He scored 2 points which I imagine is as good as it gets for him. The other 2 lads were playing each other, 1 did the minimum and 1 had a great game, Kilman got his 2 in this one but will score more in the coming weeks while Gabs scored and got a clean sheet in a stunning debut for Tiny….just a shame he plays in such a useless team (not Arsenal).



In – Edouard (77), Bednarek (65), Cucurella (72), Xhaka (18)

Total – 232

Out – Auba (44), Tella (17), AWB (32), Fernandinho (28)

Total – 121

Ah and now the end is in sight. Honestly is this is all nDo yah. Edouard is a decent striker and Auba isn’t/plays in Spain. Tella did nothing but Bednarek is a proven FFY Legend, Cucurella has amazing hair, runs really fast and is everything AWB wishes he could be and Xhaka will probably play more than Fernandinho and end up with a few more points. Can’t knock it and actually, weirdly, it’s quite a sensible draft from Warren which raises a few alarms bells as normally I’m sat here going ‘what the fuck is Wallen up to?’ only to be proven wrong time and time again and now I’m all aboard his transfer policy which makes me think he’s dun goofed somewhere and (hopefully) it all comes crashing down.

New Transfer Watch

Edouard and Bednarek starts Wally in GW24 and to be honest it hasn’t been great. Edouard got 11 minutes and did nothing whereas Bednarek probably had the worst debut in the League with an OG and 2 goals conceded ending up on minus points but we know he’s got this in his locker, he can be a beast but also a bitch, hopefully the latter continues for the rest of the season. Turns out that Bednarek OG really cost Wally as he only lost by 2 points, proper shit debut.


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