1. There are no rules.​


2. All subsequent rules supersede rule 1.


3. Each squad must consist of 25 players.​


4. Each squad must contain at least 1 player from each Premier League team.

5. Each player must play a minimum of 3 games every season.​ For each game a player doesn't play a 1 point deduction will be made from your final league score (pre play-offs).


6. You do not have to operate within a budget.​


7. Your match day team must be submitted by midnight the night before the start of a GW. Midweek GW submissions times will determined nearer the time.

8. If you fail to submit a team before the deadline we will play your previously submitted team. Failure to submit 2 weeks in a row will result in you scoring 0 for that GW but your opponent will have to outscore your last submitted team to collect the 3 points.


9. Your match day team must contain 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 1 forward. The remaining 3 players can be from any outfield position.​


10. You are allowed submit up to 4 outfield subs each week. These will only be used if a game is postponed for any reasons. If you order subs specifically they will be played in that order if they meet formation rules and if you order them positionally swaps will also be made positionally. If you only have 2 goalkeepers in your squad these will be swapped out automatically in the event of a game being postponed, if you have more than two and don't specify it is dealers choice.


11. Games are played on a head to head basis with 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw an 0 points for a loss.​


12. Your first 20 draft picks must be from different clubs, your final 5 picks can be from any club.

13. For trades between teams The January transfer window will run from January 1st until the premier league transfer window closes. A special event will be held to trade free agents.

14. You can submit profile pictures for other people but not for yourself.​

15.​ All chicken debts will be deemed as settled if not collected within 12 months.


16. Any changes to scores must be made before the following gameweek starts.​

17. The winner of the playoffs will get to choose an aspect of how and when the draft order will be decided.​

18. Submitting a team with a player that doesn't belong to you means, you'll be scored as a team of 10 players, no substitution can be made. If you submit a team with less than 11 players, your team will be scored as submitted.

19. Any League votes will have a deadline and the result will stand once the deadline passes regardless of how many people have voted.

20. If you actively try to throw a game your punishment will be left up to the judgement of the rest of the League.

21. More rules will be added whenever we want without prior notice.

22. Don't be a dick.